Welcome to MHRPG: Council of Four!

When the Reed Richards of an alternate reality comes home and finds his Earth destroyed and all those he loved dead, he vows to create a new, perfect world where nothing bad will ever happen again. Gathering three other like-minded individuals from other realities, Reed created the Council of Four and enacted his plan to create his perfect reality. Play as your favorite Marvel NOW! heroes as you embark on an adventure unlike any other as you travel across the Multiverse, saving other realities and your own from the diabolical machinations of the Council of Four. Featuring over 80 all-new Watcher and Player datafiles, this 189-page Event boasts a collection of heroes and villains unlike any MHRPG Event before it, complete with non-stop action and high-stakes combat. Will the combined effort of the Multiverse’s mightiest heroes be enough to defeat the Council of Four? Or is the Multiverse doomed for destruction?

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Council of Four

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