Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Council of Four

MHRPG Council of Four Issue #6

A GIANT-SIZED issue to celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of school!!! Our heroes find the other survivors of Earth-2150 and agree to help them by going on a dangerous supply run.

MHRPG Council of Four Issue #5

Our heroes have a little chat with Uatu the Watcher and discover who the Council of Four are and what their villainous plot is.

MHRPG Council of Four Issue #4

The British Army is marching on Roanoke. Can the heroes defend their new friends, or will they doom their future by partaking in the fight?

Council of Four Issue #3

After the bright flash of light and loud humming noise, the heroes wake up in a forest, no longer in the middle of New York City. Where are they? How did they get here? And why are there dinosaurs?!

Council of Four Issue #2

The three sinister figures behind the devastation of the Latverian Embassy and the strange happenings in Plains, TX have revealed themselves… and they ain’t no push-overs! Will the heroes be able to prevail against the might of X-Man, Ragnarok, and Mole Man?!

Council of Four Issue #1

Our heroes separate and investigate two seemingly unrelated instances at two very different locales. Could there be more to the story than what first meets the eye?


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