Milestones For This Event


A player can choose to pursue one or two of these Millstones in place of Milestones on the hero’s datafile. More than one hero can have the same Milestone.

A Fascinating Opportunity For A Case Study
Never before has such an expedition into the infinite realities of the Multiverse existed. And it’s up to you to witness it!
1 XP when you use scientific technobabble to talk about the current situation.
3 XP when you use your Science or Cosmic Specialty to avoid stress or complications.
10 XP when your fascination with observing the cosmic effects of interreality technology causes you or an ally to take trauma, or you sacrifice the knowledge you could gain by observing an interreality event and instead take a direct, blunt approach to save the multiverse.

I Hate All This Cosmic Stuff
You’re a simple super hero from Earth. You’re used to knocking out bad guys and sending super villains to jail. Now, you’re in the middle of a conflict involving the entire Multiverse and all of this galactic this and cosmic that is way over your head.
1 XP when you take a simple approach to a cosmic problem.
3 XP when you make a roll to try to understand advanced technology or the existence of infinite alternate realities.
10 XP when you either help save another reality in a big way, or you sacrifice yourself trying.

Through the Looking Glass
The Multiverse is home to countless realities, all possessing alternate realities of you and people you know. How will you react when you come face to face with yourself?
1 XP when you first find yourself in a Scene with an alternate reality version of yourself or someone tied to you.
3 XP when you chose to be alone with an alternate reality version of yourself or someone tied to you in order to better understand them and the difference between your reality and theirs.
10 XP when you watch your alternate reality ally take d10 or more trauma, or you decide to stay in another reality to help repair it or rediscover yourself.

Zen And The Edge of Reality
The mysteries of the cosmos are vast. Even more so for all the cosmos in the Multiverse.
1 XP when you discuss with another character the metaphysical ramifications of an event on this grand of a scale.
3 XP when you ignore the problem at hand in order to better focus on the grander threat to all reality.
10 XP when your understanding of the Multiverse leads you to greater power, or you abandon the pursuit of knowledge and understanding to kick some ass.

Milestones For This Event

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